The CSEA Victory Club Needs You

The Victory Club raises money to help CSEA pass local school bonds, increase education funding, elect pro-education and pro-worker school board members, and pass or defeat ballot measures for the benefit of classified employees. Every Victory Club dollar is spent on election issues. Not one dollar goes to CSEA overhead.


Victory Club Logo We NOW face attacks on our pensions, funding, and jobs. There are initiatives to eliminate pensions and repeal Proposition 98 and SB1419 (contracting out classified work) being pushed in the legislature and on the ballot. You can help protect your job and your retirement by joining the Victory Club today! Download a Victory Club application.

You have political clout in Sacramento because our members hit the streets and dogged Schwarzenegger at every multi-million dollar, special-interest fundraising event he attended. Because of members like you, we were able stop the "Governator's" effort to contract-out our work when we stopped his repeal of SB 1419. The Victory Club helped elect pro-union legislators who were not afraid to stand up to the governor and tell him our jobs are important and should not be contracted-out to for-profit companies at lower wages with no benefits.

The work you do walking precincts, phone banking, raising money for the Victory Club, electing governors, legislators and school board members makes CSEA more powerful and affects your job each and every day. This is your Victory Club money at work!

If you are not already a Victory Club member, join today! Click on the link below to download the Victory Club application. If you are a Victory Club member, consider upgrading your contribution. Finally, consider asking your colleagues to join the Victory Club, so that no member can ever say again "no one asked me!"

Let's continue to build this union and our political clout!