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CSEA Dues Structure
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CSEA Member Benefits

These are just some of the benefits you get when you join the CSEA:

  • INSURANCE — Upon joining, you are automatically insured with a FREE $5,000 accidental death or dismemberment policy. Members can also take advantage of CSEA's voluntary insurance program to get group discount rates on individual insurance plans.
  • ENTERTAINMENT DISCOUNTS — We've got 'em all! Marine World, Disneyland, Sea World, Oakwood Lake, San Diego Zoo, AMC Theaters, Northstar, and Club 19 Golf.
  • RETIREMENT — Members benefit from CSEA's relationship and expertise with PERS matters, including individual advice and FREE retirement planning services.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS — You and your dependents can apply for one of the 25 annual grants and scholarships CSEA offers professional growth.
  • DISCOUNT BUYING PROGRAMS — Members get discounts at more than 200 local and statewide merchants, including furniture, flowers, hotels, tires, restaurants, car rentals, and more.
  • NEW & USED CAR PURCHASES — Members get fleet prices on hundreds of domestic and import models.
  • TRAVEL — Through CSEA's exclusive travel service, members get the guarenteed lowest airfare on domestic tickets, as well as travel specials for seniors and discounts on most major cruise ships.
  • EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS — Members are invited to special CSEA seminars on current issues in education, such as education reform, as well as workshops on personal growth, professional development, and union skills.
  • CREDIT UNION — Members can join and enjoy priviliges, including VISA, FREE interest-paying checking accounts, car loans, and FREE financial planning workshops.

These benefits are only available to members - Join CSEA Today!

Advantages to Joining the CSEA

These are some of the great advantages you get when you join the CSEA:

  • POWER — Management understands strength. The more members in our chapter, the more influence we have to improve our contract and working conditions. CSEA's greatest asset is you.
  • A VOICE — Your wages and benefits are important to you. Join today so you can vote on contract proposals and settlements, chapter officers, conference delegates, and chapter dues.
  • POLITICAL CLOUT — In just the past year alone, CSEA won the largest pension increase in the history of CalPERS, the biggest education budget in recent memory, and the appointment of the first classified professional (CSEA leader Leslie Wang) to the California Community Colleges Board of Governors.
  • LEGAL PROTECTION — You get expert, on-the-job legal representation at labor board hearings and in court, as well as FREE legal advice on personal matters and FREE estate planning and small claims court workshops.

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CSEA Dues Distribution

Your dues dollars work for you by funding programs and services that benefit you, your Chapter, and all CSEA classified employees. This chart shows the distribution of your dues dollars.

Dues Distribution Chart, Classified Communications 9 cents, Administration 11 cents, Member Benefits 3 cents, Fixed Costs 9 cents, Legal/Political Action 8 cents, Education/Research 5 cents, Elected Classified Union Leaders 5 cents, and Field Services 50 cents.

CSEA Dues Structure

Because CSEA members set Association dues at the annual conference, CSEA is able to offer one of the most affordable dues structures in California. Dues are 1.5% of your gross monthly salary (excluding overtime) up to a maximum of $36.75 per month (for 10 months). This is the "Fair Share" portion that all classified employees pay.

To join our Chapter 262, you will pay an additional $1 per month (for 10 months). This money goes toward Chapter expenses, such as printing, mailing, maintaining the Chapter web site, and Chapter meeting expenses.

Advantages to Joining the CSEA

Unlike many unions that charge the local chapter for services, CSEA pays the full cost of representation. The CSEA believes members' dues money should be spent based on need, and no need should go unfullfilled just because the local chapter could not afford it.

Services / Benefits CSEA Pays
Salary of 125 Labor Relations Representatives Full Cost
Salary of 10 Senior Labor Relations Representatives Full Cost
Salary of Organizers Full Cost
Salary of 11 Staff Lawyers Full Cost
Arbitrations Full Cost
Unemployment Hearings Full Cost
Labor Board Hearings Full Cost
Unfair Labor Practices Full Cost
Court Cases Full Cost
Personal Legal Consultation Full Cost
Salary of 5 Lobbyists Full Cost
Membership Training Full Cost
Chapter President / Officer Training Full Cost
10 Field Offices Full Cost